Asset Management

Energetech offers a comprehensive service for all phases of asset management projects, ranging from operations, to monitoring and maintenance, to compliance. Our team is backed by decades of experience from major asset traders within Europe, combined with in-depth technical knowledge of the energy industry. The knowledge and collective experience, creativity, and advanced technology, ensure seamless day-to-day operations, whilst optimizing the flexibility and value of assets for our partners in the rapidly evolving energy markets.


We trade power and gas 24/7, allowing us to capture opportunities and contribute towards balancing energy grids. Our technological expertise means we execute deals with lightning speed to fully mobilize the energy market.

Our deep fundamental understanding, coupled with quantitative analysis and leading-edge technology allows us to generate supply and demand balances, which we develop into strategies that mitigate risk in the volatile markets. Our trades are driven by the need to move energy from areas with surplus to regions where it’s needed most. This means our partners can manage their assets most efficiently, to stabilize the grids.
We process a colossal amount of data that’s continually adapting to weather forecasts, so our traders can optimize their strategies and distribute energy from nations in abundance, to areas with a shortfall.
We move gas between centers globally, to challenge established markets and bring increasingly competitive prices to gas markets.