Power to the people.

At Energetech, our greatest asset is our people. Our employees make up the Energetech family, where the best talent from around the world work relentlessly in adding stability to global energy markets, accelerating the path towards the green transition.We think on our feet, continually adapting to the ever-changing energy landscape. We recognize that with constant change, comes great opportunity. Risk taking is our thing. So is buying and selling energy at scale. Join us so we can grow together, and bring power to the people.
About our firm


Energetech pioneers energy efficiency by amplifying the value of energy across borders. Our trading expertise helps restore energy balances and brings efficiency to the market. We minimize risk through our production management and trading services, so our partners’ energy assets maintain maximum value.


Pioneers in renewables, with strength in meteorological forecasting, data science and engineering, quantitative modeling, and robust market understanding, Energetech offers risk management and energy optimization services that let our customers realize the full potential of their energy assets. We fuse technology and trading together to continually forecast opportunities, create robust strategies and analysis that craft value, mitigate risk and gain a competitive advantage.

This cutting-edge expertise supports our mission for a green transition through the benefits we provide market grids, renewable asset owners and investors.

Offset Risk

Good work doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Our diverse team of market experts, developers, and meteorologists all bring a unique talent to the table to forecast opportunities and form integrated strategies to create value and mitigate risk.